Impact Investment Strategies


We work with investors to design impact investment measurement, management and communication strategies that work for investors, partners and their small business clients. 

Working Capital for Small Businesses


Small businesses (fewer than 50 employees) represent over 90% of businesses - worldwide. Access to finance is especially challenging for smaller, younger companies - or those led by women or other under-represented groups. 

For small businesses selling to larger companies, we recommend invoice discounting/factoring as a great way to unlock cash to grow a business.   

Globally, there are over 7,000 invoice discounting/factoring providers. There is no global directory - especially for factoring companies that focus on domestic and smaller transactions.  google search in your area for, 'factoring', 'invoice discounting'. 

Small Business Services


Finding new customers is hard. It's especially challenging for small businesses in smaller markets. Below are services or products our clients like. They are either free or low-cost.


  1. Digital Marketing for Small Businesses (with Facebook) (free)
  2. GoDaddy Website Builder / Online Marketing Resources (Free trial; ~$10/mo)