Working Capital for Small Businesses


Flexible working capital that reaches smaller, younger companies - and especially companies led by women or other under-represented groups - is in short supply. 

For flexible, affordable, easy-to-use (and gender friendly) financing, we recommend factoring. 

For small businesses selling to larger companies who have to wait to get paid, we recommend invoice discounting/factoring as a great way to unlock cash to grow a business. There are over 7,000 invoice discounting/factoring providers worldwide. 

Growth Strategies for Small Businesses


Finding new customers is hard. It's especially challenging for small businesses in smaller markets. Below are services or products our clients like. They are either free or low-cost.


  1. Learn more about your customers' needs with a survey
  2. Connect with customers online: Digital Marketing for Small Businesses (with Facebook) (free)
  3. Create a website and interact with customers. GoDaddy Website Builder /  (Free trial; ~$10/mo)
  4. SEO Training for small businesses (free) 

Women-led Businesses Communities



To support women-led businesses in factoring, in partnership with Advance Global Capital Ltd. and Money in Motion LLC, in 2020, Xanh will launch a pilot initiative to support links between women-led financial institutions who offer factoring/invoice discounting to SME clients.